Hartfield & Co., formerly The Gentleman, is a small batch distillery located in Paris, KY.  We are the first licensed distillery in Bourbon County since Prohibition forced the closure of the distilling industry in 1919.  It's odd to think that out of all the bourbon currently produced in the world, none of it has been produced in Bourbon County - until now.  

In a very large sense, we gave the world its first bourbon, or any spirit for that matter, from Bourbon County, Kentucky in almost a century.  Ninety five years without a distillery inside of Bourbon County has come to an end with the founding of Hartfield & Co.

Our intention is to be a craft distillery in every sense.  We have started small and intend to stay that way with a focus on the "craft" of being a craft distillery.  Our products are made in small batches with a focus on the process of creating truly great spirits and sourcing the best local ingredients.  It is our practice that most of the grain we use will come from Bourbon County or the surrounding counties, and our spent grain will go back to local farms to complete the cycle.


Andrew and Larissa Buchanan founded what was intended to be called Bourbon County Distillery back in 2013.   That name was taken from them, all of which you can read about here, eventually naming the distillery The Gentleman and finally landing on Hartfield & Co. after some more name trouble that you can read about out on the internet somewhere.

Hartfield & Co. is named after a branch of Andrew's family that stretches all the way back to 1700's Germany.  The Hartfield family left the motherland and settled into modern day Pennsylvania and Ohio with a very pioneering portion making its way to Green County, KY.  There they founded a distillery which ran for 20-25 years upon which it ended in an unfortunate fire.  

Andrew and Larissa didn't know about this connection when dreaming of starting a distillery.  They were set on reviving an industry in the County that gave the liquor its name.  Some distillers start down this path in an effort to continue family history.  Some start out of excitement for a growing industry. They started Hartfield & Co. to re-establish a once thriving industry.

Andrew II, James and Benjamin are the three boys you are likely to see running around the distillery if you swing by.  Baby Rory (finally a girl) will be around as well. Andrew and Larissa wanted them to grow up around this business, learn the trade and make Hartfield & Co. a family business.