It’s what all of us dream about. It’s what brands try to sell us. It’s what we all wake up wanting each day.

I have it.

I make bourbon for a living. We joke around that we are professional drinkers. My doctor has quit asking me how much alcohol I have cause he knows the answer.

I started a bourbon brand, Hartfield & Co., from scratch in the place that arguably gave the spirit its name, Bourbon County, KY. I have an amazing wife and three beautiful boys that will someday inherit what I am building.

I live in an amazingly beautiful part of the country in a house that was part of the underground railroad. We are slowly renovating it to meet the needs of a growing family while still maintaining that old charm that we love so much.

I am my own boss. I set the hours. I set the agenda. I shoulder the burden, the burden of growing a company from the ground up. The burden of providing not just for my family, but for the families of my employees as well. I welcome this. I wake up for this every morning.

I have adventure and this is my story.

Andrew Buchanan