The Day we sold Bourbon.

We had hoped it would be a good day.  After all, we had been talking about this day for over a year.  Even before we started producing liquor, people that took tours were asking when our bourbon would be released, excited to know when bourbon from Bourbon County would be ready for purchase.  

September 18th.

That was the day.

We had a few activities that morning.  But the evening would far surpass anything we could have dreamed up.  We made it known that at 5:00 pm we would start selling for the first time.  The first person lined up at 1:30.  The line continued to grow from there.  By 4:30, there were 106 people there.  By 5:30, that line was 160.    

Everyone was willing to wait in a 90+ degree room (our air conditioner couldn't keep up) for their bottle of bourbon. Two bottles to be exact.  Our limit was two per person, so by 4:30, we knew we were going to run out.  

With everything that has happened over the last few weeks regarding our name, it was what we needed.  It was a show of excitement that we didn't expect.  We were able to release this under The Gentleman name, making what we released just a few days ago the only bourbon to ever be released under that name.  

From here, we move forward.  


Andrew Buchanan