First distillery in Bourbon County, KY in 95 years

It certainly has been a long time coming.  95 years for a county that used to cover the eastern portion of the state and was actually part of Virginia.  95 years since the last working distillery made its last drop of alcohol.  95 years for a county that gave one of the more popular spirits in the world its name.  95 years.  

As of July 21st, 2014 that drought has come to an end, almost an entire century without having a licensed distillery in Bourbon County.  

For us this road has not been near as long.  We have been talking and planning for less than a year, with the federal application process taking just 95 days.  We have patiently awaited the arrival of our stills, fruit crusher, fruit press and more.  We have seen the building change from a large empty room that housed a banquet hall to what will become a functioning distillery.  The water lines have been run.  The electric has been upgraded and put into place.  Our labels have been designed.  T-shirts, stickers and cocktail mixers have been selling like crazy.  We are ready.

Without getting totally philosophical, we will be giving the world its first bourbon from Bourbon County in almost a 100 years.  Our twitter friends from Kings County Distillery reminded us a few days ago that we "have quite a legacy to uphold".  So we make this promise to you;  we will do our very best.  You have our word.  And a Gentleman is always true to his word.    

Andrew Buchanan