Destiny. Who knew...

We aren’t going to call it our destiny to start a distillery, but it seems like the opportune thing to do in Bourbon County - a county with such a rich history in distilling culture.  Driving around you can still catch glimpses of the old ways of distilling, whether its in the names still painted on sides of old buildings, discussions with farmers about old stills they found on their property, stories of the Old Peacock distillery or a vacant lot where the Chicken Cock Whiskey warehouses used to stand.  Seems like no matter where you look, if you know what you are looking for, you can see remnants of this once important industry.

The more we thought and talked about this history of bourbon in Bourbon County, the more we felt like there was something missing.  Some huge chunk of our history that went the way that most pieces of history go, into obscurity.  With the current popularity of bourbon, whiskey and moonshine, why couldn’t the county that helped give us these wonderful drinks produce some of its own?

So here we go.  This is day one.  First step on a long road.  We are going to document this, bringing history into the fold every chance we get.  Paying homage to our county brethren and distilling forefathers with every drop.  For now, below is a map of our fair county the year after prohibition was repealed.  It was a new day for bourbon enthusiasts just as this a new adventure for us.  Here’s to first steps on a well worn, long traveled path.



Andrew Buchanan