Kentucky enacted prohibition in 1919, one year before the Noble Experiment began nationally.  Bourbon County was home to - by one count - 26 distilleries.  Post prohibition, none of them reopened.  It has stayed that way until now.


The Day We Sold Bourbon.

September 21, 2015

We had hoped it would be a good day.  After all, we had been talking about this day for over a year.  Even before we started producing liquor, people that took tours were asking when our bourbon would be released, excited to know when bourbon from Bourbon County would be ready for purchase.   September 18th. That was the day. We had a few activities that morning.  But the evening would far surpass anything we could have dreamed up.  We made it known that at 5:00 pm we would start selling for the first time.  The first person lined up at 1:30.  The line continued to grow from there.  By 4:30, there were 106 people there.  By 5:30, that line... Continue Reading →

First Distillery in Bourbon County in 95 years

July 25, 2014

It certainly has been a long time coming.  95 years for a county that used to cover the eastern portion of the state and was actually part of Virginia.  95 years since the last working distillery made its last drop of alcohol.  95 years for a county that gave one of the more popular spirits in the world its name.  95 years.  As of July 21st, 2014 that drought has come to an end, almost an entire century without having a licensed distillery in Bourbon County.  For us this road has not been near as long.  We have been talking and planning for less than a year, with the federal application process taking just 95 days.  We have patiently awaited... Continue Reading →